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VentureBlick aims to transform healthcare fundraising by matching early-stage healthcare startups with medical investors, many of whom are potential customers or users of new medical products.

It is the only fundraising platform where the medical community evaluates medical investments in a global, systematic, and large-scale manner. VentureBlick allows accredited investors and institutional investors to ride on expert insights and access de-risked investment deals for better returns. With fundraising doubled up as validation, VentureBlick helps healthcare startups get funding, market insights, and customer validation in one go. It has attracted more than 300 startups from 70 countries in its first cohort covering all healthcare sectors. It is also in the process of onboarding thousands of clinicians and industry professionals across the globe who will utilize their expertise to evaluate and support the most promising healthcare startups as part of its VB Advisory Network.

Founded in 2022 by senior healthcare executive, Chris Lee, VentureBlick is headquartered in Singapore with a presence in Korea, Australia, USA, China, and Germany.

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