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Katalin Gallyas

Managing Director



Katalin is an experienced fund placement agent and previous institutional fundraiser (15 +years experience with finance, fundraising). Her first company Civic Tech Amsterdam was focused on raising capital for scaleups/startups (28 M EUR raised from seed/series A and EU grants). Katalin founded c*funds in January 2018, with the aim to disrupt the traditional “old-boys network” Private Equity industry with a fresh and highly transactional model. c*funds represents a self-made, truly entrepreneurial approach in fund placements. We work with 500 LPs all over the world and our GPs are also from a wide global coverage (New York to New Zealand to Luxembourg). Gender and ethnic diversity are a key asset (6 female, 2 male, 6 nationalities). Within a very short period we have rapidly grown both in new fundraising mandates, increasing the number of warm LP relations and new talent recruited. We raise capital for alternative investment funds (venture capital, growth fund, credit funds and buyout) with a typical fund size between 100 M -2 B EUR. Since 2018 c*funds has built up a boutique offering: • A strong, close knit team of 11 Private Equity market experts who apply a high level and hands-on execution to arrange qualified LP meetings and negotiations for your new deals. • We focus on 2nd - 5th-time funds, that have proven M&A/GP experience and can show evidence to reach double-digit IRRs. • Our fast-evolving LP base is from the Benelux, UK, DACH, Nordic and East Coast US with a diverse mix of institutionals, family offices and asset managers. “c*funds represents a “fresh” approach on the traditional, rigid PE market, combining solid data analytics, digitalization with high-end content and design in pre-marketing.”

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